Five Signs That Scream Your Business Needs A Graphic Design Makeover

african american womanHappy New Year’s!

This is the perfect time for business owners to start afresh in order to meet their goals for the year.

However, to really make the impact you want as a business owner, you have to make sure that your graphic design matches your business. Customers want to work with businesses that are polished and cutting-edge.

If your graphics don’t say that, your business can be overlooked.

If your business graphics are what you want, congratulations, but there is always room for improvement.

Check out these five signs to see if your business needs a graphic design makeover.

1. Too Complicated – Less is more! If your graphics are too complicated, you run the risk of alienating your customers. Keep your graphics simple, classic, and memorable.

2. Non-scalable – If your graphics look good on one computer and horrible on your cell phone, they might need to be re-done.

3. Bad Combination of Colors – Colors have meaning. A funeral home wouldn’t use the same colors as a water company for their business graphics. While a memorable logo or graphic design is important to your business, just make sure they’re not over the top.

4. Clip-Art – Don’t be cheap, now. Make sure your graphics, especially logos are original. If you look cheap, how will customers perceive you? If all else fails and you must use clip-art in your business, make sure you make it original.

5. Same Design As Someone Else – Look, we know at times one must fake it until you make it, but sometimes you need to be original. Just because everyone else’s graphics look the same, doesn’t mean yours should. Be original, and if creativity isn’t your thing, we’re here to help.

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